In 2014, I became both fascinated and inspired by the concept of minimalism and the idea of decreasing the clutter, chaos, and stuff in our lives. From capsule wardrobes, to digital declutter, its about being selective of the essentials and being able to direct more of our time, energy, and focus on them. The word minimalism may sound challenging and even a bit extreme, but really, I […]

How to Deal with a Case of the Blahs | Currently Well

How to Deal with a Case of the Blahs

Do you have a case of the ‘blahs’? The thing I’ve learned about negativity is that it can keep swirling in your head until eventually, it’s all that’s left. Don’t let stress consume you. While we can’t stop bad things from happening to us, we can change how we face them. And just maybe, make things a little […]

The notion of ‘perfect’.

When I read this, I had one of those ‘aha’ moments. These days, with the likes of Facebook (no pun intended) showing us what our friends are up to in addition to the picturesque world of Pinterest, blogs, and Instagram it is so easy for us to paint a picture of the ‘perfect life’; comparing your life to […]

The Need for Impromptu Dance Sessions

Everyone talks about the benefits of running, yoga, pilates, etc…but what about the benefits of unstructured, nonsensical, ‘I-look-ridiculous’ dancing? A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on how to stay inspired and talked about how listening to music/dancing inspires and energizes me. As silly as it feels, plugging in my headphones and listening to my […]