Greens to Eat If You Love Kale

Kale is wonderful. It’s a true fact. Everyone from health foodies to Beyoncé seems to worship it. But in fact, all dark leafy greens are amazing. Leafy greens are a great source of fibre and high in vitamin K, A, + C. Kale’s been dubbed a ‘superfood’ for good reason, but in my books, any leafy green is as […]

10 Must-Know Lessons About Nutrition and Healthy Eating

I recently received some exciting news…I was accepted to my university’s dietetics program! In just three years I will be a registered dietitian. Working towards this has been a lengthy process, so finding out that I got in was a dream come true. The past few years of learning about the role of dietitians and building up experience for the program have been eye-opening […]

Eat Seasonably | Spring + free printable

Tomorrow is officially the first day of spring (March 20)! I’m so excited to read all the spring-themed posts around the web from spring cleaning your home, diet, closet, mind, digital space and more! It feels like a mini refresh + a time for a clean slate after the winter blues. I have never paid much attention to eating with […]

Why I drink green tea. | Currently Well

Why I drink green tea.

Fact: when trying to think of a name for this blog, one of the names that I came up with during my brainstorm was ‘Green Tea, Etc’. Clearly, it never made the cut, but it goes to show my love for green tea that I even considered using it as part of the name for my blog […]