Greens to Eat If You Love Kale

Kale is wonderful. It’s a true fact. Everyone from health foodies to Beyoncé seems to worship it. But in fact, all dark leafy greens are amazing. Leafy greens are a great source of fibre and high in vitamin K, A, + C. Kale’s been dubbed a ‘superfood’ for good reason, but in my books, any leafy green is as […]

10 Must-Know Lessons About Nutrition and Healthy Eating

I recently received some exciting news…I was accepted to my university’s dietetics program! In just three years I will be a registered dietitian. Working towards this has been a lengthy process, so finding out that I got in was a dream come true. The past few years of learning about the role of dietitians and building up experience for the program have been eye-opening […]

Strawberry Mango Smoothie Bowl with Coconut

Confirmed: smoothie bowls are the prettiest things in the world (almost too pretty to eat)! No wonder Instagram is filled with pictures of them. Some foods, no matter what, always look photogenic. Smoothie bowls are one of them (also macarons + lattes!). We can’t seem to help but take multiple photos of them at different angles because they just look […]

Eat Seasonably | Spring + free printable

Tomorrow is officially the first day of spring (March 20)! I’m so excited to read all the spring-themed posts around the web from spring cleaning your home, diet, closet, mind, digital space and more! It feels like a mini refresh + a time for a clean slate after the winter blues. I have never paid much attention to eating with […]

Why I drink green tea. | Currently Well

Why I drink green tea.

Fact: when trying to think of a name for this blog, one of the names that I came up with during my brainstorm was ‘Green Tea, Etc’. Clearly, it never made the cut, but it goes to show my love for green tea that I even considered using it as part of the name for my blog […]

Cucumber Radish Salad

I was inspired by the radishes and cucumbers to create a colourful pallet (or plate!) of pink and green. I love that the shape of both the cucumbers and radishes are circular -it makes the presentation look so pretty! The radishes and cucumbers are a perfect combination of cool and crisp -just what we need for the summer! Cucumber Radish Salad: Servings: 2 […]