My Favourite Blogs. Ever.

I love reading blogs with honest advice that I can truly relate to or apply to my life, as well as the surge of inspiration I feel when scrolling through gorgeous photos of food and scenery. Of all the style, health, food, and lifestyle blogs I read, these ones definitely top the list. These are the blogs that you will find me reading on my Saturday morning blogathon…

A Cup of Jo

I very much appreciate the quirky prose and honest writings from Joanna and her team. She perfectly captures the culture of New York and has an eye for art + design.

The Blissful Mind

Catherine is the master of productivity, slowing down, and living simply -seriously, this girl is a genius. Her organization skills are top notch and her advice is always so practical, realistic, and useful. I am always blown away by how comprehensive her posts are. I dare say she is a blogger to watch -she is going to make it big.

Darling Magazine Blog

The Darling blog is filled with well-written articles and stories that evoke reflection and discussion around topics that are relevant to women. Read more about why I read Darling Magazine.

Deliciously Ella

Ella has a wellness blog with recipes for dishes that are quite simple, while still being flavourful. I love that she encourages us to find balance and truly enjoy cooking and eating food, without dieting.

The Fig’s Heart

Lauren is a green beauty blogger with an impeccable taste in style and design. She’s all about natural beauty and describes products so lavishly that I’m tempted to run out the door to pick them up immediately. Her smoothie recipes are an absolute delight and I love her emphasis on wellness from the inside out.

From Roses

Rebecca blogs about a wide range of topics in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. I particularly enjoy her honest and relatable personal posts. I find the clean, minimal look of her pictures so pretty, that I can’t help but wish I could channel her photography style. 

Gluten Free Rosie

Although I don’t have Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, I love Rosie’s recipes and in-depth insights on fad diets + popular nutrition topics. She recently became an RD and runs her very own supper club in London.

Healthfully Ever After

Carlene is also a dietitian and runs a business focusing on wedding wellness. Her food photography is stunning and I love her blog’s slogan, ‘healthy curated living’. She also has a YouTube channel that I adore and find very informative.

Into Mind

This blog is your ultimate destination for helping you define your style and achieve minimalism. From the website design to the format of the blog posts, Into Mind is a minimalist wonderland.

Muted Mornings

Mimi’s blog has this cozy, peaceful atmosphere. Just like the name, this is the perfect blog to read in the early hours of the morning. Her book recommendations are one of my favourite series on the blog and make me want to snuggle up in bed with hot tea and a good book.

Style Bee

Lee is an art director and naturally, curates the most stylish outfits. I love her simple, monochrome looks. She also focuses on being more intentional about clothing purchases and has started experimenting with capsules wardrobes on her blog.

Nutrition Stripped

McKell Hill is an RD from Nashville with an inspiring food philosophy. She not only provides divine recipes and informative nutrition advice, but has built a lifestyle of good food and good vibes. Oh, and did I mention that she now has her own clothing line?! (avocado print shirts for the win!)

Wild Hearts + Green Tea

Kie is your ultimate blogger BFF. She writes heartfelt articles that I always find myself relating to. Her advice is inspiring and so authentic. Plus, she takes the most dreamy photos of her decedent, healthy recipes. 


The capsule wardrobe has taken full force on the internet this year. Caroline’s mostly monochrome capsule wardrobe is chic yet effortless. Her clothes always looks so simple, relaxed and comfortable, but still put-together and makes basics look sooo good. She has the ultimate ‘cool girl’ look while still looking like the girl-next-door.


4 thoughts on “My Favourite Blogs. Ever.

  1. Thank you Naomi! This is an amazing list of bloggers, I can’t wait to check out some new ones 🙂 So special to be a part of this list, wow. Big hugs!!

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