So You Wanna Paint with Watercolours | 6 Online Tutorials to Try

Beginner Online Watercolour Painting Tutorials | Currently Well

I love anything that involves creativity. When I was younger, I always had scrap pieces of paper lying around with doodles. I wanted to take on a new hobby and decided to buy myself a sketchbook and cheap paint set. I want to eventually fill up a sketchbook with paintings and artwork. It’s also a great a hobby to revert to when stressed, bored, or just need a distraction to take your mind off, sans computer screen.

I find the the watery, washed-out look of watercolours so beautiful. Only I find my perfectionist tendencies surface when the colours don’t seem to flow in the way I want them to. Trying to build up a skill without attending a class is hard. Here are a few tutorials that have helped me get started.

1 | Watercolor Basics

This is an entire 5-part series! It could be renamed ‘watercolour 101’ because it covers all the basics you need to know.

2 | Watercolor Supplies and Basics

Led by the same artist as ‘Watercolor Basics’, this also covers the fundamentals -but as a video tutorial!

3 | How to Create Watercolor Flowers

Learn how to make beautiful flowers -easy to to follow.

4 | How to Get the Most Out of Your Watercolors

Tips and techniques to make sure your paintings look amazing.

5 | How to Paint Watercolor Letters

A unique way to paint letters, perfect for cards.

6 | Lettering with Watercolors

A great guide to help you get started with painting letters.


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