Inspiration for an Inspiration Board

I just love Caroline’s workspace.

I spend a LOT of time hunched over at my desk madly typing away at my computer or scribbling in a notebook. My workspace is also where I write my blog posts, paint, and do art-sy things. For these reasons, I’d like to work on creating a more inspiring workspace. I’ve always enjoyed making inspiration boards and switching up pictures, quotes + souvenirs, but I’ve never felt completely satisfied with them.

It’s no secret that Pinterest is one of my favourite sources for inspiration, but a virtual board is just not the same and honestly, staring at a screen full of beautiful things for too long hurts my eyeballs. So, I’ve decided to my process of creating my inspiration board and redefining my style. My hope is that this inspiration board showcases everything I love (from quotes to style to health to film, etc) + truly reflects my style, with unity in colour + theme.

Here are some examples of that I’m inspired by (found on Pinterest of course!):





From Roses Home 2

Kelly Brown Photographer wedding photographer Victoria, British Columbia


Do you have an inspiration/mood board (or wall!)? What was the process of putting it together like?

Stay tuned for updates on my inspiration board!

Images via CupofJo, tumblr, decor8blog, ghostparties, InHonorofDesign, FromRoses, decor8blog


12 thoughts on “Inspiration for an Inspiration Board

  1. Mmm I love all of these! I have a small little mood board above my desk. Just a few things that motivate/inspire me.

  2. An inspiration board is such a cool way to stay motivated and inspired. I don’t have one at the moment as I like having my workspace pretty neat and minimalistic but I have put up a few pictures from past travels on the wall that I feel are nice and calming, it always puts me in a good mood to see them!

    • I love the idea of a minimalist workplace and style! I’m hoping to keep my inspiration board minimal with only pictures/artwork/quotes that I truly love and reflect my style 🙂

  3. Your mood boards are crazy amazing. I think nowadays people are storing all their “inspiration” in hidden spaces such as pinterest or instagram. This is a great reminder to splatter some of that creative juice on your wall…where it can act as a constant in your face reminder of everything you love. Thank you!

    • Thanks Sam, you have a lovely blog! You’re a great writer and I enjoyed the topics you’ve written about (including books!). 🙂

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