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In 2014, I became both fascinated and inspired by the concept of minimalism and the idea of decreasing the clutter, chaos, and stuff in our lives. From capsule wardrobes, to digital declutter, its about being selective of the essentials and being able to direct more of our time, energy, and focus on them. The word minimalism may sound challenging and even a bit extreme, but really, I envision it as a form of simplicity. Simple doesn’t mean ‘shallow’, rather, I think it embodies elegance and sophistication. To sum, its about quality > quantity.

simplify // currently well on minimalism

I’m planning to further explore and apply the concept of minimalism in my blog posts, because I feel that it strongly connects to health + wellness. Through this, I hope that I can inspire you to see how different aspects of our life can be approached with more simplicity.

“Make it simple, but significant.”

Don Draper (Mad Men)

Here are some of my favourite links around the web on minimalism:

Light by Coco YouTube (she sparked my interest in minimalism) + my interview with Coco

Into Mind – Explores fashion, lifestyle + minimalism

Un-Fancy – Tons of capsule wardrobe tips!

Less stuff, more happiness TED Talk

What are your thoughts on minimalism? Is it something that you would like to incorporate into your life?

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11 thoughts on “Simplicity.

  1. Yes! I’m moving into my new place soon, and I am 100% dedicated, no clutter. Do not bring clutter into this house. I’m starting out fresh, moving house is the perfect opportunity to rid yourself of crap.

  2. Yay minimalism! Have you read the book Zero Waste Home? I think that was what really inspired me to get rid of stuff and keep only what I truly needed. Although I am not zero waste by any means, it makes you think twice about how much we consume and throw away. And I am always inspired by Coco and into-mind!

    • I’ve never heard of it, I will definitely check out that book! Minimalism is so interesting because it can be applied to nearly every topic! Thanks for reading Catherine! 🙂

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