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Living Light with Coco: An Interview // Currently Well Blog

Some time ago I discovered a YouTube channel, Light by Coco and was fascinated by Coco’s minimalist approach to life. I instantly subscribed to her unique channel ranging from videos about her capsule wardrobe, health/fitness, organization tips, beauty, and travel; all encompassing her living light philosophy. I was particularly drawn to Coco’s impeccable taste in style consisting of simple and timeless pieces. In a world with so much emphasis on consumption, I found her minimalist lifestyle so refreshing. She has shown me that less truly is more.

I felt that living light tied in perfectly with wellness and Coco so kindly agreed to answer some questions I had for her:

Tell us, what does living light mean to you? What made you decide to take on this way of living?

Coco: To me, living light means getting rid of anything that weighs you down. This can be physically, mentally, or emotionally. In a time where more is expected from an individual than ever before, letting go of the things we don’t love can help us find a balance in our lives.

I first got into this way of living when I was living with my (now ex) boyfriend. Things hadn’t been going so well and I realized that if we were to break up and I wanted to move out I would have to take so much stuff with me. On top of the emotions, there would be the stress of moving. I wanted to start anew. Together we sold and donated a bunch of stuff and went our separate ways. It was quite a healthy breakup. The newfound lightness felt great and I was hooked!

How would you connect your living light philosophy with health/wellness?

Coco: This was something that came very naturally once I started getting rid of stuff. When you start to look critically at material goods, you also start looking critically at everything else. “What am I consuming?” was something I asked myself a lot.

Just like with clothes, there are high quality foods and cheap foods. High quality foods have more valuable nutrients relative to how many calories they have. Cheap foods might taste delicious, but they are just flavored calories. I decided that if I was paying for something, it’d better make me better. Quality over quantity in everything, not just stuff. Food, exercise, and ’me-time’ all became incredibly important to me and I think they go hand in hand with shifting your focus away from material goods.


“In a time where more is expected from an individual than ever before, letting go of the things we don’t love can help us find a balance in our lives.” -Coco

How do you like to wind down after a long day? 

Coco: Stephen and I are homebodies so we love getting settled in for the evening. After a long day the first thing I do is take a shower. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the act of bathing has a neutralizing effect on any emotions (so if you are very happy you might not want to take a shower). I love the way it takes off the day so you can focus on getting comfortable, after that, fuzzy socks!

Do you have a morning/evening routine you follow daily?

Coco: I think everybody should have a morning and evening routine that is non-negotiable. To me, sleep is sacred; it’s so important for your health and mental wellbeing. By having a routine in the evening my body can get ready for a great night’s sleep so I can be more effective the next day. A morning routine helps me get my head on straight. The evening starts with a shower. Then we watch our favorite shows while having some form of dessert (fruit, ice-cream, herbal teas). After that I brush my teeth and check for any last minute important emails (most emails can wait to be answered the next morning but you never know!). Once in bed I write down any thoughts or to-do lists for the next day so I can fall asleep more peacefully.

In the morning things go a little faster; I wake up, wash my face, get dressed, and drink a vegetable smoothie. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week in the morning. So sometimes that’s also added to the routine. I often call my mom while putting on makeup and drinking coffee (timezones make any other time pretty much impossible). After that it’s out the door for meetings or work.

Your YouTube channel has such a fun variety of videos ranging from fashion to helpful tips! What is your favorite video you have created so far?

Coco: Thank you! My favorite has to be the Husband Tag video. It was so much fun recording it and I love how you can see Stephen get more and more comfortable as the video progresses. He has been so supportive of my internet endeavors so it’s great to see him in a video too.

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone about living light, what would it be?

Coco: There is no right or wrong way to live light. Minimalism is not about having the least amount of stuff, it’s about having the perfect amount of stuff. That amount is different for everyone.

Her sincere personality and creativity make her videos such a treat to watch and I am not at all surprised by the continuous growth of her channel and blog. A huge thank you to Coco for sharing her thoughts on living light!

Be sure to check out Coco’s YouTube channel and blog!

(Images captured by Coco)


4 thoughts on “Living Light with Coco

  1. Awesome post Naomi! I love finding new inspirational people to follow and Coco is the perfect recommendation! I really admire her dedication to a simple and beautiful life, can’t wait to follow along.

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