The notion of ‘perfect’.

When I read this, I had one of those ‘aha’ moments.


These days, with the likes of Facebook (no pun intended) showing us what our friends are up to in addition to the picturesque world of Pinterest, blogs, and Instagram it is so easy for us to paint a picture of the ‘perfect life’; comparing your life to images of green juice, stylish clothes, home decor, manicures, the list goes on. We’ve been buried beneath a rubble of self-help books teaching us how to be composed, please others, and live that ‘dream life’. This sense of ‘perfect’ is not only what we try to project onto others but something we do to convince ourselves that we have value. That our life has purpose. That we are happy. And so emerges the ‘the modern art of perfection’.

In (unknowingly) pursuing this ‘perfection’, we lose our sense of authenticity. Also, I find it exhausting. 

Although, I do believe that it is a worthy pursuit to better ourselves and focus on the positive -in fact, it’s necessary! Posting little moments of our day that make us happy on Instagram, for example, or trying to remain optimistic in difficult situations, sharing style tips…just remember to take a step back from all of it once in a while when you need to. In the context of health (as this is a health blog after all), try not to get too wrapped up about achieving the perfect diet or fitness level.

May this quote be a little nudge reminding us to be honest with ourselves: let us not exchange our authenticity for what is ideal. It may make us feel more vulnerable, but at least its real.

Some ways to be imperfect:

  1. Instead of ‘keeping calm and carrying on’, let the tears spill…snot and all.
  2. Take a note from Jennifer Lawrence.
  3. Wear mismatched socks.
  4. Spend a day (or more!) without wearing any makeup.
  5. Have an impromptu dance session.
  6. Eat a deliciously cheesy pizza.
  7. Share your mess.
  8. Forget to shave your legs.
  9. Be concerned with the concerns of Mindy Kaling.
  10. Embrace the awkward, embarrassing, and painful.

And do all of the above with complete and utter pride. Why? Because real is better than perfect.

What do you think of ‘the modern art of perfection’? Is it a practice that you have unknowingly fallen into? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Image via The Vanilla Bean Blog tumblr


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