The Need for Impromptu Dance Sessions


Everyone talks about the benefits of running, yoga, pilates, etc…but what about the benefits of unstructured, nonsensical, ‘I-look-ridiculous’ dancing? A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on how to stay inspired and talked about how listening to music/dancing inspires and energizes me. As silly as it feels, plugging in my headphones and listening to my favourite music on full blast while dancing and singing lip syncing helps me de-stress and just let loose. I suppose Zumba may be the closest thing to this, but if you’re like me and don’t feel like paying for a class, I recommend that you create your own impromptu dance session. As someone with a fairly reserved and uptight personality with no talent for dance whatsoever, it allows me to let loose and release the tension in my body. At first I first felt embarrassed (even if I was alone), but then I thought, when else do I have the opportunity to be weird, imperfect, and completely free? Shake off those bad feelings. Trust me, its therapeutic.

Remember that scene from GIRLS with Hanna and Marnie, or the time when Meredith and Christina from Grey’s Anatomy danced it out? Ever since watching these unforgettable moments on T.V., I was tempted to recreate it on my own.


What You Need:


A room/house to yourself

A playlist of your most upbeat songs

Comfortable clothing (preferably pajamas or sweatpants)

And if you are in the mood to share, a friend!

The Benefits:

It. Is. Liberating. Need I say more?

So whether you dance like your mom, jump, or fist pumping it, I encourage you to take advantage of being alone and just dance it out!

A playlist to get you started:

Dancing on My Own – Robyn

Don’t Save Me – HAIM

My Love – the bird and the bee

Brave – Sara Bareilles

High Society – Betty Who

Girls Chase Boys – Ingrid Michaelson

Primadonna Girl – Marina and the Diamonds

You Make My Dreams – Hall and Oates

Something Good Can Work – Two Door Cinema Club

Do you have impromptu dance sessions?

Image 1 via Could I Have That, by Arna Bee

Image 2 via A Cup of Jo


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