Nectarine + Tomato Salad from ‘The Forest Feast’

The Forest Feast

Whilst at the bookstore, I stumbled upon this beautiful cookbook, The Forest Feast by Erin Gleeson. It was unlike any other cookbook I have ever seen! I was instantly drawn to her food photography and water colour art. I love cookbooks that are creatively presented with tasteful photography, food styling, and artwork.

The Forest Feast is a vegetarian cookbook with a collection of simple and delicious salads, drinks, appetizers, desserts, and more. Her recipes are inspired by the backdrop of nature she is surrounded by from living in a cabin in the woods (she moved there from the city). Each dish is saturated with so many vibrant colours -it doesn’t take a food stylist to make these perfectly presentable for entertaining! Most of these simple recipes involve little preparation or cooking, and therefore so easy to whip together for a scrumptious and healthy meal.

The recent heat wave where I live has called for no-cook, lazy day, easy-to-make, fresh meals and the ‘Nectarine + Tomato Salad’ was the perfect fix. It took me less than five minutes to prepare and the result was a plate with a beautiful array of fresh flavours. Unfortunately, I didn’t have pecans and mint which the recipe called for, but the combination of tomatoes, nectarines, feta cheese, red onions, and basil, was nevertheless delicious!

The Forest Feast // Nectarine + Tomato Salad

The Forest Feast // Nectarine + Tomato Salad

The Forest Feast // Nectarine + Tomato Salad

Be sure to check out Erin Gleeson’s blog for more recipes!

(This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.)


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