Welcome to Currently Well!


Welcome to Currently Well!

This is a space where I will use my creative skills to share my thoughts, perspectives, tips, and knowledge about nutrition, health and everything in between. Wellness isn’t just about not being sick but to live with passion, enjoyment, and have memorable experiences. To do so, we must nourish our bodies with nutritious foods, sleep well, be active, and find what we love to do. I strive to improve my own health -some days I am better at achieving this, some not so much; thus, the goal is not to be ‘perfect’ but  to continuously be aware of and listen to our bodies’ needs. I want to promote long-term, sustainable skills to maintain health and well-being that are simple, mindful, and accessible, while being rooted in science.

I am a 2nd year nutrition student, studying to become a dietitian. I enjoy reading health blogs/articles, books (especially rereading Harry Potter), going to concerts, as well as spending time doing creative projects.

Whichever ‘stage’ of health you are in, join me in finding ways to nourish our bodies, live actively, and simply, ‘enjoy the ride’.



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