My Favourite Blogs. Ever.

I love reading blogs with honest advice that I can truly relate to or apply to my life, as well as the surge of inspiration I feel when scrolling through gorgeous photos of food and scenery. Of all the style, health, food, and lifestyle … Continue reading

Greens to Eat If You Love Kale

Kale is wonderful. It’s a true fact. Everyone from health foodies to Beyoncé seems to worship it. But in fact, all dark leafy greens are amazing. Leafy greens are a great source of fibre and high in vitamin K, A, + C. Kale’s … Continue reading

10 Must-Know Lessons About Nutrition + Healthy Eating

I recently received some exciting news…I was accepted to my university’s dietetics program! In just three years I will be a registered dietitian. Working towards this has been a lengthy process, so finding out that I got in was a dream come true. The past few years … Continue reading

So You Wanna Paint with Watercolours | 6 Online Tutorials to Try

I love anything that involves creativity. When I was younger, I always had scrap pieces of paper lying around with doodles. I wanted to take on a new hobby and decided to buy myself a sketchbook and cheap paint set. I want … Continue reading

Strawberry Mango Smoothie Bowl with Coconut

Confirmed: smoothie bowls are the prettiest things in the world (almost too pretty to eat)! No wonder Instagram is filled with pictures of them. Some foods, no matter what, always look photogenic. Smoothie bowls are one of them (also macarons + lattes!). We can’t … Continue reading