5 Reasons To Wear A Watch

Is it just me, or do not as many people wear watches anymore? I used to wear one back when I was younger (during the elementary years) -a pink waterproof one that was adorned with girly flowers. Somewhere along the way I … Continue reading

Inspiration for an Inspiration Board

I spend a LOT of time hunched over at my desk madly typing away at my computer or scribbling in a notebook. My workspace is also where I write my blog posts, paint, and do art-sy things. For these reasons, I’d … Continue reading

Why I drink green tea.

Fact: when trying to think of a name for this blog, one of the names that I came up with during my brainstorm was ‘Green Tea, Etc’. Clearly, it never made the cut, but it goes to show my love for green … Continue reading


In 2014, I became both fascinated and inspired by the concept of minimalism and the idea of decreasing the clutter, chaos, and stuff in our lives. From capsule wardrobes, to digital declutter, its about being selective of the essentials and being able to direct more of our time, energy, and … Continue reading

Happy 2015! My favourite printable calendars.

Happy New Year! I’ve been browsing Pinterest looking for printable calendars for 2015 and found my top favourites. Just looking at these calendars is making me so excited for the year ahead! They’re all so beautiful, I simply can’t decide which … Continue reading