Strawberry Mango Smoothie Bowl with Coconut

Confirmed: smoothie bowls are the prettiest things in the world (almost too pretty to eat)! No wonder Instagram is filled with pictures of them. Some foods, no matter what, always look photogenic. Smoothie bowls are one of them (also macarons + lattes!). We can’t … Continue reading

One year of blogging!

After several attempts at starting a blog (then subsequently deleting them) this one seems to have stuck. Thanks for reading, commenting, and supporting my blog! One of the most unexpected wonderful surprises of blogging was being able to ‘meet’ the online … Continue reading

That’s darling.

Darling, you had me at your mission statement. When I first stumbled upon Darling Magazine, I was instantly drawn to the sincerity of the essays and articles. It is the magazine that I had always wished could exist and a refreshing response to the ‘standard’ magazine. The … Continue reading

5 Reasons To Wear A Watch

Is it just me, or do not as many people wear watches anymore? I used to wear one back when I was younger (during the elementary years) -a pink waterproof one that was adorned with girly flowers. Somewhere along the way I … Continue reading

Eat Seasonably | Spring + free printable

Tomorrow is officially the first day of spring (March 20)! I’m so excited to read all the spring-themed posts around the web from spring cleaning your home, diet, closet, mind, digital space and more! It feels like a mini refresh + a time for … Continue reading