One-Word ‘Quotes’

It’s no secret that I love quotes. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to them! For me, words have the ability to inspire, motivate, or even spark an epiphany. Sometimes, simple is better, less is more, and just one … Continue reading

Back to Basics: Macronutrients

Today, I am excited to begin my first series on the blog: ‘Back to Basics’. Through this series, I hope to explore some of the general ideas in nutrition in order to help you better understand and assess the information that we are exposed to … Continue reading

And Onward.

It’s been a while since I last posted. It’s been a busy few weeks. It’s late at night as I write this (well, not that late -11pm to be exact) and I’m scared. No, that’s not the feeling. Nervous, excited, overwhelmed, ambivalent. … Continue reading

The notion of ‘perfect’.

When I read this, I had one of those ‘aha’ moments. These days, with the likes of Facebook (no pun intended) showing us what our friends are up to in addition to the picturesque world of Pinterest, blogs, and Instagram it is so … Continue reading

Recipe: Cucumber Radish Salad

I was inspired by the radishes and cucumbers to create a colourful pallet (or plate!) of pink and green. I love that the shape of both the cucumbers and radishes are circular -it makes the presentation look so pretty! The radishes and cucumbers are a … Continue reading